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Love Starts Here

Without a doubt, the holiday season is a time when all of us think of family. We try to come up with the perfect gifts for those we hold dear, count down the days until loved ones return home, and miss so terribly those we can no longer see and hold. Yes, the holidays are busy and often hectic, but absolutely this time of year reminds us that love is one of the greatest blessings we can ever receive, doesn’t it?


It is for that reason that we have put “love” at the very center of our year end campaign: Love Starts Here. For far too many children around the world, unconditional love is a gift they have not yet experienced. For those who live in orphanages or who were abandoned with often critical medical needs – having someone who truly believes their lives matter can change everything.

Almost every day I am blessed to receive emails and letters from families who have adopted children helped by one of our many programs in China. Their photos bring tears to my eyes, as I sit and remember the baby who was found so extremely sick or the little girl who first entered our school and wouldn’t speak or engage because her whole world had been turned upside down when she lost her parents.


I look at their photos and honestly still feel awe, even after a decade of doing this work, because I know that none of it happens without an entire community of people coming together to help one child at a time find healing. To be able to watch a child go from being completely alone and scared to absolutely adored and filled with joy is something that I can’t even put into words.

I know that from now until the end of the year, all of us will be asked again and again to donate to causes doing really important work. Today I am asking you to please consider making a gift to LWB, to help children who have become orphaned. They need our help so much, and every day we are asked by orphanages to help their children who are struggling. I promise you, with all my heart, that if you make a donation to LWB this holiday season – the lives of truly special babies and children will be changed, in very real and tangible ways.

I promise that with your help, babies like Alan, who was found so tiny and sick, will be moved to our healing homes to receive lots of TLC and essential nutrition.

Baby Alan

I promise you that babies like Arlene, who was born with a heart defect, will be tenderly cared for until they can be chosen for adoption.

Baby Arlene

I promise you that little girls like Avalyn, born with cleft lip, will receive the surgeries they need and the chance to live in loving foster care.

Avalyn QIA_Q3

I promise you that amazing little kids like Felix born with Down Syndrome will get to experience the absolute joy and wonder of learning in one of our orphanage schools.

Felix Jinjiang

For many years I have told our volunteers that in everything we do, we must write a story of true hope for every child who comes into our hands. I believe so strongly that covering them with love, both in person and afar, really does impact the world. And that isn’t just a cliché to me, because I see just how many lives are changed, both in China and around the globe, when a child who is orphaned finds healing, love, and a permanent home. It’s absolutely beautiful.


Today, let’s all pledge that we will make a real difference this holiday season.

Let’s reach out to children who are often alone, while counting our own blessings for the family we hold dear.

Let’s make the awesome commitment that we will try our very best to love with all our hearts.

As the song in the video below says – let’s make a promise that for children who are hurting…..Love Starts Here.  Please make a gift and join with us to change lives.

With a grateful heart,

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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