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Love Without Boundaries Tiniest Treasures

Most of the kids we help through the medical program are kids that need surgery. However, during the past few months we have had five premature babies to care for, four of those being two sets of twins. Even under the best of circumstances, babies born prematurely have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Preemie’s typically cannot eat all the calories they need from a bottle until they are close to 4 lbs and their tiny bodies can not retain enough heat to keep them warm. Specialized care and equipment is needed to sustain life at this delicate age.

Last October, the “Rainbow Twins” were born at just barely a pound each. Both were transferred to SCMC not long after birth where they received the specialized care until early January. It was such a day of celebration when they were finally large enough to leave the hospital. Currently they are now at Heartbridge and are a “chubby” 6 & 7 pounds.

Around the same time the Rainbow Twins were born, Ming and Liang made and early appearance into the world and were receiving specialized care at a local hospital where both weighed just over 2 pounds each. They received the medication, nutrition, and warmth they desperately needed and soon were strong enough to return to their orphanage. We hope to see their paperwork submitted to the CCAA soon.

And lastly, baby Hua was born and became our newest tiny treasure. SWI workers transported this tiny baby to the children’s hospital in the midst of a snowstorm. Currently he has almost doubled his weight and will be discharged back to the orphanage soon.

I just love happy endings, no matter how small the story.

Shannon Sieberg
General Surgery coordinator

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