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Loveable Luce

This little guy with the great hair is Luce.

Luce 3.26.14

Luce was admitted to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home this spring as a one-month-old baby with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. From the very start Luce thrived on the care of his nannies, and it wasn’t long before he was smiling and trying to communicate his satisfaction.


With the loving care of the AHH nannies and their patient feeding with special cleft bottles, Luce soon began to pack on the weight he would need for his cleft lip repair. In fact he was growing so well that he was scheduled to join LWB’s Cleft Exchange in Kaifeng even though he would be only at the minimum desired age of three months.


In April Luce and his faithful nanny traveled to Kaifeng where he charmed everyone around him with his cute smiles and sweet disposition. His lip repair was gorgeous, and a couple of days post-op he was feeling well enough to model quite a variety of donated hats, including this delightful leopard-print model.


Luce continues to thrive at AHH. He was the “big gainer” for April, putting on two pounds of pure sweetness!


It won’t be long before we say goodbye to this little man as he graduates into foster care and begins his new life in a family. We hope that his healing at AHH will allow him to one day have his very own forever family!

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