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Lovely Lora

Lora is an outgoing, fun-loving toddler who joined LWB’s Qiandongnan Foster Care Program in Guizhou province early this year. Just six months later, Lora decided that cruising the furniture is not enough for her; stepping out and walking where she wants is more her style.


And style she has! Recent photos show she knows how to rock a pair of sunglasses and pigtails too.


Lora came to us with a very large and distinctive hemangioma on her leg. By March there was no sign of it.


A babbler from very early on, Lora is content to talk to anyone, or, if no one is around to listen, even to herself. When she is happy, which is most of the time, her volume increases a notch or two. She is a quick learner and curious, and she appears to be meeting her developmental milestones as she should.


This happy girl loves dancing and being around people. Cheerful and nearly always in a good mood, Lora brings happiness to all who meet her.


We hope some of that happiness touches our wonderful foster care supporters! Thank you for making foster care a reality for Lora.

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