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Love’s Journey

When LWB first came up with the idea of compiling a series of books on the China adoption experience, we were hoping to raise enough funds to help “a few kids”. I can admit now that we knew absolutely NOTHING about publishing a book, and yet we were bound and determined that we were going to learn. A wonderful group of volunteers was organized, and they began to create a book that could be a lasting keepsake for parents around the world. A dedicated team of men and women worked for months to put it all together, and it was with a very deep gulp that we signed a contract to publish 3000 books.

Just this week, we realized that we have less than 20 Love’s Journey books left. I had to ask myself how many I thought we should keep for historical purposes, as it will never be reprinted. The amazing thing to me is that this book was so much more than just ink on paper. This book saved lives, and started foster care programs, and helped to build schools. To date, Love’s Journey has raised over $100,000 which all went directly to impact the lives of orphaned children in China. We affectionately dubbed many of our kids who needed surgery as “book babies”, and each time I would get a letter from someone who was writing to say how much they loved the book, I would smile thinking about the kids it had helped.

Our graphic designer is now hard at work on the second volume of Love’s Journey. Over 4000 submissions came in for this next volume. Here is a sample of what the second book will look like.LJ2 is going to be yet another beautiful coffee table style book, with even more stories and essays from parents, children, foster parents, and orphanage workers. This time we are going to take an even bigger leap of faith and print 5000 copies. I can’t wait to meet our next group of “book babies”. We’ll let you know when the second volume is available!

Amy Eldridge

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