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Love’s Journey 2 Update

So many great people are working to make sure that the second volume of our Love’s Journey series is as wonderful as possible. I know originally we were hoping for a Mother’s Day release, but after we received over 4000 essays and photos, it became clear a few months ago that it was going to take us just a wee bit longer.

Our graphic designer has come up with a beautiful layout, incorporating images from the legend of the red thread throughout. We know everyone will love lingering over each page of the book, as they are filled with touching photographs and wonderful stories that adoptive moms and dads, foster parents, and children wrote from their hearts.

We will be starting presales for Love’s Journey 2: The Red Thread in mid summer. We only have a few copies left of the first volume in the series, and are officially “sold out” of those available for purchase. We have decided to offer the remaining few in the Born in My Heart auction over the next few years. Thanks to everyone for being so patient as we finalize the creation of this next gorgeous book. I am sure that LJ2 will go on to heal and touch just as many children as the first volume did. That is the real beauty of this book to me…that so many children’s lives can be changed by such a wonderful keepsake.

Stay tuned!

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