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Loving ARMS Healing Home…Now Open!

Imagine you are almost four years old, living in an orphanage in far western China.

Christina 9.15

When you were a baby, you had surgery for anal atresia. Since then, you haven’t felt great and have needed repeated medical care. One day you find yourself on a train, headed to a faraway city, and your nanny tells you that you are going to meet people who can hopefully make you feel better. After spending some time in the hospital, you move to a warm, colorful, peaceful place with nannies to care for you and help you get better. You are among the first residents of our brand new Loving ARMs Healing Home!

Christina is one of the inaugural residents of LWB’s newest healing home, and we are so pleased to welcome her.  She is beginning to warm up to her new home, and we know we will be seeing big smiles and giggles from her soon as she gets to know the nannies and fellow new residents, two darling baby boys: John and Jeffrey.

John nanny2 9.15John

Jeffrey 9.15Jeffrey

Why did we choose the name, “Loving ARMs”? ARM is the abbreviation for anorectal malformations, which is a very common special need in China.  Our Loving ARMs healing home aims to provide the best medical care possible to children born with this special need. We think the Loving ARMs Healing Home is a fitting name for a warm and safe place for orphaned children to receive the specialized care they need and to be given the best path possible for a healthy future.

Jeffrey nanny 9.15

It looks like Jeffrey is enjoying the loving arms of his nanny…

John nanny 9.15

…and little John is, too!

If funds allow, we hope to soon welcome more children to the Loving ARMs Healing Home, such as baby Daniel, who was born with megacolon, and little Thorpe.

Daniel 9.18.15Daniel (see his blog from last week)

We invite you to become a supporter of this special home by either sponsoring a child or making a one-time donation — to help kids just like these flourish!

Christina LAHH 9.15

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