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Loving Li

Recently we learned of a beautiful 4 year old girl who has very severe heart disease. Her oxygen levels are very low, and she had become so weak that she is unable to stand for more than a few minutes and can only walk with support. On Monday afternoon, we placed her photo on our website with a note saying she was urgent. By Tuesday afternoon….dozens of people had spread the news about her and we watched in awe as the amount needed for her surgery went from $4500 to $3000 to $1500 to just $50. And then, in less than 24 hours, her surgery was funded.

Thank you for loving Li. We read the touching notes that came in with each donation: “Get better soon beautiful girl”, “our prayers and hopes are that she will become well enough for a forever family”, “we love this dear girl”. Please join us in praying for a full healing for Li. It is so wonderful to know that so many people are lifting her up.

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