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Loving Linda

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Typical newcomers at LWB’s Anhui Healing Home are teeny-tiny, frail, and underweight infants. Linda, on the other hand, was already six months old when she arrived needing specialized care and nutrition due to her VSD heart defect.

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Linda’s early updates tell us that she was shy and did not know how to interact with adults like a normal six month-old baby. Her starting weight was a mere ten pounds, and she had very little neck and upper body strength.

Linda_2014-6-15 (7)

Within just three months, Linda was sitting up with her own strength, standing with assistance, and eating solid foods with fervor. Her loving nannies were able to draw out her feisty personality, and she and her new best friend Dominic gave us all lots of laughs as they argued over who would be fed first or possession of a favorite toy.

Linda_Dominic_2014-6-8 (8)

Now, seven months later, Linda is nearly 20 pounds and is learning to walk independently. Her doctors are hopeful that she will not need heart surgery, and, by continuing this excellent care and quality nutrition, her heart will heal without intervention. Linda will soon be placed with a loving foster family to continue her journey until her forever family finds her.


Linda is another important chapter in LWB’s book of healing home success stories, and we are so grateful that she has a team of supporters that made her story possible.

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