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Loving One Another

As it happens every time we are part of a mission in China, families hear that a team is in their town and they come hoping above hope that their child can be helped as well. We had two such families this time, and both of their stories have touched everyone around them.

The first family came from Anhui province with their son who has microcephaly and epilepsy. This family loves their son so very much, and they want to do everything possible to give him a normal life. The exact words they used were “we were blessed to have our precious son”.

When the team at Shanghai Children’s agreed to see him, the family was so happy. They waited patiently while tests were run, and spent hours playing with the babies in the rooms and getting to know more about LWB. They shared how they’d never realized there were actually so many kids with special needs until they had their own baby. Sadly, preliminary tests have shown that surgery will not improve the child’s condition, but this father and mother want to do everything possible to help him reach his fullest potential. Even though he can’t be helped surgically, they want to learn the best way to care for him as they love him so much. Their sweet hearts and their devotion to their son has touched everyone who met them.
The second family who came has a little girl who needed surgery which they could not afford. They actually talked to our team about whether it would be better for her to be an orphan so that she could get the medical care she needs. Tingting talked patiently to them and showed them our kids in the hospital explaining that EVERY child truly wants a mother or father to care for them. When she told the mother that abandonment doesn’t always have a happy ending, the mother broke down in sobs, saying that she just wanted to get her daughter helped.

We were able to ask the hospital to cut their fees drastically, and they even agreed to do the operation before the funds are raised, so tomorrow she will be having surgery. One of the volunteers in Shanghai has been raising funds for this family, and we are so thankful we can help them keep their daughter.
Today the mother was once again in tears as she was so very touched by the kindness people showed to her. She wanted to get down on her knees to say thanks today, but Tingting said the only thanks needed is to love her baby. She told Tingting that she has her promise from her heart and her whole family that this child will be cared for. In fact, she said she wants to raise her little girl to be as giving and kind as those around her. She is even changing the baby’s name to Xin Meng (Heart & Dream). She wants her baby to grow up with a loving heart like the people who have helped her, and she wants her baby to have big dreams for herself as well. Please be praying for Xin Meng, that she will have a successful surgery and a life filled with dreams.

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