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Lu’an Foster Care Program

LWB volunteer Arlene Howard travels from her home in the U.K. twice a year to Lu’an, Anhui to visit the foster care children in the program there that she coordinates. She is a regular Mary Poppins to the children because she brings suitcases filled with toys and treats.

Arlene reports:

The older children are now used to our visits. They eagerly eye up the bags being carried but wait patiently for their toys to be handed out.

Our oldest boy, James, is so very bright and commented that the toy we gave him—a Lego set—was a little small, and could he have a bigger toy next time please? He had assembled the whole thing by the time we moved on to the next family.

It was the first time I had met several of the newer children, and they were just delightful. The foster parents were so concerned for these little children and asked for advice on how to help the children adjust to their new families.


Our newest additions to the Lu’An foster care program


All too soon the visit was over, but we are pleased to say it was a joy to visit the children and to see that they are so well cared for and, above all, LOVED!

Here are a few favorite photos from the trip:

I wish you all the very best Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank each and every one of you for your support over the past year.

Best wishes

Arlene Howard

Lu’An Foster Care Coordinator

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