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Back in 2016, a baby boy born with cleft lip and palate was found and taken to a nearby orphanage. They immediately called LWB to see if we could move him to one of our healing homes, and we then welcomed baby Lucas to our care.

We quickly learned that Lucas was a very gentle little soul. He loved being held by the nannies and was content to be walked around the home where he could observe the daily activities. He especially loved being talked to and soon began gracing us with his wonderful open smiles.

Before we knew it, he had gained all the weight needed for his important lip surgery, and thanks to LWB supporters he was able to be moved quickly for his operation.  What a handsome little guy he is.

Following his surgery recovery, it was then time for Lucas to graduate to foster care, where he has bonded firmly to his foster parents.  Every morning his foster dad takes him down to the park to see the birds and to play with the other children in the neighborhood.  Lucas loves his foster mom dearly, and he’s happiest when she’s in his sight at all times.

For Lucas to continue his steady developmental progress, he now needs to have his large open palate closed.  Lucas is starting to say words like “mama” and “baba,” and this operation is essential for him to develop normal speech.  Closing his palate will also make eating a lot easier for Lucas.

We’d be so grateful for a donation of any amount to help Lucas receive the surgery he needs at the wonderful Anhui Children’s Hospital.  We’re halfway to the needed amount, and every bit gets us closer to moving him for his operation.

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