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Lucia: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Lucia 1

Eleven-year old Lucia is an active, happy girl who attends our Believe In Me School in Shaoguan. Her teachers say she always has a smile on her face! Lucia’s teachers also say that she spares no effort to do everything to be the best of her ability.

Lucia 4

Lucia has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and while this condition does impact her motor and speech skills, it does not diminish her determined spirit!

Lucia 3

Lucia enjoys studying and participates fully in all classroom activities. Some of her favorite activities are listening to stories and learning to read and write Chinese characters. Lucia also enjoys exploring the world outside her classroom. She is always excited to go on a field trip – whether it be to the local fields to see crops growing or a trip to a city park to see the zoo animals and gardens.

Lucia 5

Lucia loves to sing and dance! Each morning she and her classmates participate in morning exercises which include singing and dancing. While Lucia is not able to stand without assistance, she does have a chair in the front row for exercises where she can enthusiastically sing and follow all of the dance movements. Her teachers feels that she is a bright girl with so much potential.

Lucia 2

Lucia is in need of several more sponsors to support her education at the Believe In Me School in Shaoguan. With a donation of $25 per month, sponsors will receive regular updates and photos so they may follow the Lucia’s progress.

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