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Luke Is On The Mend and Waiting For a Family

For most of his life, Luke has been a part of Love Without Boundaries’ programs. He started out in our Nutrition program when he was just a baby and then moved into our Education program when he was three years old.

Luke 2011

Luke is now seven years old. In December, his teachers told us that he was struggling to catch his breath and that his lips were turning blue when it was cold. After an evaluation at Hefei Cardiac Hospital, doctors told us that Luke needed immediate heart surgery. Left untreated, the Tet spells he was having could possibly be fatal. So Luke put on a brave face and smiled before his surgery.

Luke presurgery 12.28.15

Fortunately, Luke’s surgery was a success, and he is on the mend! Naturally, he is still somewhat weak following surgery; he still has labored breathing and doesn’t seem to have the strength to speak. Luke’s caregiver has been feeding him some nutritious fish soup as well as some pork rib soup. Hopefully he will soon regain his strength and be able to leave the hospital.

Luke hospital 12.30.15

Following his discharge, Luke will begin living in a foster family in Huainan. We hope that experiencing life as part of a family will be enjoyable to him and will prepare him for the possibility of becoming part of a forever family in the future.

Luke 1.4.16

Next week, Luke will turn eight years old. Hopefully he will be able to celebrate his birthday out of the hospital with his new foster family.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if next year, Luke could celebrate his ninth birthday in the arms of a loving forever family? At this time, his adoption file is available on China’s shared list. LWB is offering an Adoption Assistance Grant of $3,000!

Please contact our Adoption Advocacy Team if you’d like to learn more about Luke.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact [email protected] with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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