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Luke: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Eight-month-old Luke, who has Down Syndrome, entered LWB’s Loudi Foster Care program in Hunan province at the beginning of this month.


Although he had a full head of hair, Luke recently had to get a hair cut in anticipation of the hot summer ahead.

His foster parents know there is nothing Luke loves more than being outside in his stroller, where he can observe other children playing. Often times, adults will stop and talk sweetly to him.

Luke has so much potential. He is able to sit independently and is described as a very easygoing baby. He is content to sit in his stroller or in his foster parent’s arms. He is a very determined and observant little boy, and we have no doubt he will thrive in the care of his loving foster parents. We expect he will be walking and playing outside with other children in no time!


Luke is in need of a team of sponsors to support his foster care placement. Your sponsorship of $40 per month will give this young boy the gift of a family and the best opportunity to reach his potential. Sponsors will receive monthly updates and photos and can follow along and rejoice as Luke grows. Thank you for considering joining Luke’s team!

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