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Luke’s Wish

Luke 3.15

Eight-year-old Luke in our Kaifeng foster care program has been singing and dancing his way into our hearts since we first met him as a tiny baby in need of heart surgery. We have been advocating for this little guy to be adopted for so long and have many blogs about him. We hold onto our wish for Luke that he will make his way into the hearts of a forever family soon!

Luke2 3.15

To help make this dream a reality for a family wishing to pursue Luke’s adoption, LWB has increased Luke’s Adoption Assistance Grant to $4,000!


Currently, Luke is living with a foster family in Henan and is able to attend school through our Orphaned Student Support program where he is in senior kindergarten. Although he says his teacher is nice, Luke loves when he has holidays from school because he gets to spend more time at home with his foster mother reading stories, singing songs and watching his favorite shows on TV. Luke is very animated and loves to sing and dance. Recently he learned a song called “Little Swallow” which he loves to sing to his foster parents!

Luke is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. and as a result he develops at a different pace as his peers. However, with the assistance of his teacher and foster parents, he has already memorized some ancient Chinese poems and stories.


Luke seems to have a good imagination and likes to imitate different cartoon characters, and he also likes to pretend he is a puppy! (Cowboys are good, too.)

Cowboy Luke

His foster parents have learned the way to Luke’s heart is through his stomach. Luke loves to eat delicious food and was thrilled to celebrate Chinese New Year because there were so many different types of food for him to eat!


We enjoy having Luke in our foster care program and wish we could guarantee that he could stay with us until he is adopted. Luke seems to be thriving in a family environment, so we truly hope that he can remain there.

Luke seems to be wishing hard for something special here. We don’t know what he is hoping for, but we know what WE are hoping and praying for — a forever family of Luke’s own!


Luke has an Adoption Assistance Grant from LWB for $4,000 and an additional adoption grant for over $1,000 from Reece’s Rainbow, where he is known as “Luke Anthony”. Links to past blogs about Luke can be found on his Adoption Assistance Grants page.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact [email protected] with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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