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LuLu from Liupanshui

Two-year-old LuLu is the newest student in our small but wonderful Believe in Me school in Liupanshui. On her first day, just a few weeks ago, it was mentioned that she is a very timid child, who was nervous being in the classroom and would not speak much.


She should begin to overcome this fear and shyness soon, and we can’t wait to see her little personality blossom. We are so grateful for the opportunities that will be afforded this precious child, as she learns to interact with her teachers and peers, color, draw, answer questions, learn her letters and numbers, and explore the world around her.

The teachers in LWB’s Believe in Me Liupanshui School truly care about the children and their well-being, including their education, socialization, hygiene, and nutrition. Teachers are the key to all of our Believe in Me schools, and for that reason we make every effort to hire great teachers and provide them training opportunities as often as possible. One of our former Liupanshui students, known to us as Lauren, recently completed an amazing fundraiser for the students in the Liupanshui school, which will allow the children healthy and nutritious foods through the remainder of this school year, all summer, and into the next school year!


We are so grateful to all of our sponsors, both adults and children, who come together to help children such as LuLu to succeed in school and give them a strong foundation for their lives. To us, success is not measured in how well a child does academically as much as it is measured in their smiles, their laughs, the opportunities to share love, and their happiness when they have full bellies.

LuLu is a success for LWB’s Education Program because of her unlimited potential and the amazing opportunities that will now be afforded her, thanks to the generosity of our supporters!

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