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Luna: Defying the Odds And Fighting On

Luna has proven to be a mighty warrior and continues to defy all odds.

luna waiting

Once declared “inoperable”, this beautiful little girl is only ten months old and has struggled since birth with her health. In addition to battling a significant congenital heart defect, Luna has fought life-threatening lung infections again and again.

As many of you know, two weeks ago Luna had major heart surgery as the doctors in China felt it was her only chance to survive. We all held our collective breath when we heard that she made it through the surgery, and then again when we received word that her initial recovery was not going well and that her oxygen levels were far too low.

Over the past few weeks however, we have been encouraged that Luna was stabilized in the ICU and improving slowly.

luna sleep

Sadly, Luna continues to face tremendous challenges as doctors try to wean her from the post-operative ventilator. She has been on the ventilator for more than 14 days, and now one of her lungs has filled with fluid.

Sometimes battles take a long time to win, and it appears that Luna’s battle is going to be a lengthy one.


We are so grateful to everyone who is lifting up this gorgeous little girl, and today we are asking for your continued support for her. Luna’s medical expenses are rising rapidly in the ICU, now exceeding $25,000.

We are standing firmly behind her.

Donations in any amount will help Luna receive the medical care she needs so desperately. We were thankful that so many people came through to help Luna on #GivingTuesday. We hope you will continue to support and fight alongside this tiny warrior princess in the toughest battle of her life so far.

To support Luna, please visit her sponsorship page.

(All photos on this blog were taken pre-surgery as photos are not allowed in the ICU).

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