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Luna the Lionhearted

After complex heart surgery and three weeks in intensive care, Luna is off the ventilator at last…and is drinking from a bottle! Is it any wonder we call her Luna the Lionhearted?

Luna2 12.30.15

Luna is just ten months old.  When we first learned about her, she had been declared “inoperable”.  Since birth, Luna has struggled with lung infections in addition to her heart defect.

Luna3 12.30.15

The first week of December, Luna had major heart surgery as the doctors in China felt it was her only chance to survive. Although there were many days that Luna’s doctors were not optimistic about her survival, this tough little girl proved them wrong.  This week, we were thrilled to see her out of the ICU and drinking a bottle!

Luna 12.28.15

Our volunteers visited Luna yesterday in the hospital.  Her nanny typically keeps Luna swaddled so that she can’t pull the oxygen tube out with her hands.  She is a feisty one!

Luna 4 12.30.15

On #GivingTuesday in early December, so many LWB supporters came through to help Luna that her initial surgery costs were funded in just one day.  Since that time, Luna’s medical expenses have continued to increase due to her long recovery in the ICU.  So far, supporters have donated over 20% of the total amount needed. We are so happy to see that people continue to support Luna but would love to be able to pay off her entire medical bill in early January!

Luna 12.30.15

Luna has proven to be worthy of her nickname, Luna the Lionhearted, and we proudly stand with her as she fights to leave the hospital.

Luna4 12.30.15

Will you stand with Luna as well?  If so, please visit her sponsorship page. Donations in absolutely any amount are gratefully accepted!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Kerry, Someone from our Adoption Advocacy Team can email you. Thanks so much for your interest!

  • kerrys says:

    What is Luna’s official heart defect? I am a nurse and a parent of an adult child with a CHD.
    What is the cost to adopt a special needs child?

  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Cheryl. Luna is not yet paper ready, but that we expect her orphanage to prepare her adoption file when she is discharged from the hospital — hopefully in a few weeks. Thanks very much for your interest in her!

    If you have adoption-related questions about Luna or anyone else, please feel free to email our Adoption Advocacy Team at adoption@lwbmail.com.

  • cheryl mcchesney says:

    is luna paper ready for a family /

  • Peggy says:

    Great news for Luna <3