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LWB Comes Together for Iris

I would like to introduce you to Iris, a very special little girl. I first heard of Iris in February 2009 and learned that she been at Heartbridge Rehabilitation Unit most of her life.

Little Iris was born with a hemangioma on the left side of her neck and lower face. She needs additional surgery, but it cannot be done in China. At 1 ½ years old, Iris was finally ready to leave Heartbridge and be placed with a foster family of her very own.

Many people have followed Iris’ story, and while some worked to find the perfect foster home for her, others began researching ways to get Iris the surgery she needs in the United States. Lots of people have been collaborating behind the scenes to make sure Iris will receive the care she needs.

Huainan Foster Care was having a difficult time finding a foster home for Iris so I asked Zhang Ming, Love Without Boundaries Anhui Cleft Healing Home Manager and Anhui Regional Director, if he could locate a foster family for her. We were delighted when he suggested his mother. Not only is Iris in a great foster home but she also lives with her foster niece, the very memorable Becca. Both girls reside in Zhang Village Foster Care.

LWB Medical has been working very hard to make arrangements to bring Iris to the United States for surgery. I am very excited to tell you that the final arrangements are now being made! In the next month, Iris and a caregiver will be applying for their travel visas. Hopefully within the next year, little Iris will have the surgery she needs and be on her way to complete recovery.

I love that so many branches of LWB have come together to change Iris’ life. Heartbridge Healing Unit took care of Iris’ first medical needs and prepared her for foster care. Without Anhui Healing Home’s Manager, Zhang Ming, a foster home may not have been found for sweet little Iris. LWB Foster Care and LWB Medical are still working to ensure that Iris continues to get the best care and her surgery in the U.S. We also can’t forget Iris’ Heartbridge sponsor who continues to sponsor Iris in Foster Care. Her continued sponsorship and dedication to Iris is an integral part of ensuring Iris gets the care she deserves and needs.

I dream of meeting Iris when she comes to the U.S. She has already touched so many lives and her journey has just begun. I look forward to one day sharing the rest of Iris’ story.

Kristen Braxton is the Associate Foster Care Director and Huainan Foster Care Coordinator. She resides in North Carolina with her husband, Dallas, and their 5 children including Grace from Fujian, China and Julia from Kurgan, Russia.

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