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LWB Lantern Festival Riddles

This past week, I had the good fortune to celebrate Chinese New Year with my daughter’s third grade class. I read the stories Ruby’s Wish and Sam and the Lucky Money to the children. We also made paper lanterns festooned with riddles in the tradition of the Lantern Festival that is celebrated on the 15th day of every new year. There was a lot of giggling as my daughter’s classmates simulated a lantern parade and tried to guess the answer to such riddles as: What animal has its own built in shower? (Answer: An elephant)!

When I arrived home from the celebration and checked my e-mail, I saw that the Love Without Boundaries 2009 Annual Report was posted on the website. I printed out the document and read it cover to cover. Although I’ve been a volunteer of and supporter of Love Without Boundaries for several years, I was especially pleased and proud of the work this incredible group of volunteers has been able to accomplish for children in 2009. The past year has not been known for tremendous economic prosperity. However, LWB has been able to positively impact the lives of many wonderful children.

Allow me to illuminate some of the most impressive accomplishments in a sort of lantern parade complete with riddles for you to solve. You must imagine parading through neighborhood streets in China lit up by a full New Year’s moon and hundreds of lanterns, each decorated with a riddle to solve along your way.  Let’s see how many answers you know. All of the answers can be found in LWB’s 2009 Annual Report:

  • In April 2009, LWB celebrated a successful cleft medical exchange with the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in what city?
  • LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Program supplied warm winter coats to children in how many cities across China?
  • Ten years ago, only 5% of adoptions from China were of children with medical special needs. In 2009, the number increased to ______%.
  • The LWB Medical Program touched the lives of 407 children in 2009. Children who receive surgery under LWB’s care receive follow up care for at least_________________________ .
  • Over _________ children were adopted out of LWB’s Foster Care Program into loving forever families.
  • LWB Education provides education opportunities for children as young as 20 months through college. How many students graduated from college in 2009 with assistance from LWB?
  • LWB’s three Healing Homes provided extra special care to __________medically fragile children.
  • Since its formation in 2003, Love Without Boundaries has touched the lives of ____________children.

How many riddles did you solve? Read LWB’s 2009 Annual Report and let us know!  We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Tiger. With your support and encouragement, LWB looks forward to continuing our work of improving and enriching the lives of orphans in China.

Bridges, Shirin Yim. Ruby’s Wish. Chronicle Books. 2002
Chinn, Karen. Sam and the Lucky Money. Lee & Low Books Inc., 1995

Linda Mitchell is a wife and mom to four, blog contributor for Love Without Boundaries and volunteer at her kid’s school, student of School Library Media, K-1st Sunday School Teacher…..and creative writer when she can get a word in edgewise.

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