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Little Ricki came to the attention of LWB in June 2011. She had been born prematurely and needed extra care. As a result, we moved her to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home. Initially Ricki was described as very quiet, and our healing home staff reported that she had difficulty keeping her food down and was quite weak.

Foster Care Success Story

After a few months of careful feeding, Ricki had gained much needed strength and weight and was described as an energetic little girl who loved to smile. Ricki became a lively, chubby little girl, and plans were made to place her in LWB’s Zhang Village Foster Care program.

Foster Care Success Story

Ricki settled in well with her new family and began to develop and grow… and smile. She became very close to her foster grandfather in particular, and every month we were delighted to see photos of him doting on her.

Several months ago Ricki was united with her forever family and is now named Sarah. We recently heard from them and wanted to share this update:

Sarah is doing well here. As soon as we got her to the U.S., her wheezing stopped. She loves her dogs and anyone she meets… She isn’t quite walking on her own, but she is pulling herself up and cruising. She has an amazing temperament which has been wonderful. We are so thankful for what Love Without Boundaries does and hope in the future we get to adopt another LWB-loved baby.

Foster Care Success Story

We wish Sarah and her family all the best for a happy life together!

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