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LWB Spain: Amor Sin Fronteras!

When people come together to help, wonderful things happen!

We have always loved this sentence as we have witnessed it many times. A few years ago, four friends formed Love Without Boundaries Spain. Our task was then relatively easy as we translated the wonderful work our friends in the USA were doing and then tried to reach more Spanish-speaking people in the world who were connected with Chinese orphans. Spain adopts more Chinese orphans than any other country in the world after the United States, so it seemed logical to spread the word about our favorite organization.

The first meeting of LWB Espana

Lots of wonderful things have happened since then. LWB Spain doesn’t “just” translate anymore! We are now a formally registered organization with 11 volunteers. We coordinate some LWB programs such as the Believe in Me School in Shanxi and a foster care program in Guizhou. We have our own social media presence, and we work hard to fundraise and manage Spanish donations to help children in China.

The last LWB Spain volunteer meeting in December 3rd in Madrid.

I am amazed by how quickly we are growing and the many friends we are making along the way. Take the volunteers, for instance. Before LWB Spain was organized, none of us knew each other outside of emails. Now we are good friends and a supportive group which I am happy to call my other family. We have had the pleasure to meet many of our donors and supporters, which has been a real pleasure. LWB Spain’s participation in the LipDub Contest — and winning it afterwards — allowed us to see evidence of the great number of people supporting our work. It was really humbling to see how many people came together to dance and sing — well, lipdub, I should say!

(If you are reading this blog via email, please click through to LWBcommunity.org to see both videos below)

LWB Spain’s winning LipDub video

Winning the LipDub contest was our first step in realizing a dream: the possibility of helping to open a new LWB healing home. This project has touched the hearts of many people. We have received funds from the Kutxa Bank as part of their Social Commitment. Groups of craftswomen have donated their work to support us, and groups of supporters have created their own fundraisers. A very famous Spanish pop group, La Oreja de Van Gogh, has generously allowed us to use one of their newest songs for our fundraising purposes. You can listen to it here!


People have come together just wanting to help the most vulnerable of all: the orphaned children. It is amazing how true it is that love has no boundaries.

Zane, one of the first children helped by LWB Spain. We hope he will be chosen for adoption soon!

So the only thing we can say is… GRACIAS!

~Susan Paz is the Director of LWB Spain.

Below are some of the lyrics to the song by La Oreja de Van Gogh which LWB Spain has been allowed to use. The song is about the feelings of a dad who had to leave his baby girl behind because he is a sailor and has to go to sea. The feelings of leaving her are so deep and painful that it reminded us of the feelings of a parent who abandons a baby.

Cries a man without blinking sitting in a doorway
Looking at the sky as the sun shines punctual

And an angel who saw them gave them a minute more …

Cries a man who will spend the night at sea
Combing stars trying to understand that nothing will be the same
And an angel who saw them gave them a minute more …

She stopped shivering
And he could whisper
Goodbye my sunshine
Goodbye my girl
Goodbye my sunshine
Goodbye, goodbye …

A man without tears is crying as he remembers much
The fifteen roses adorn your evening at the altar
And an angel who saw them gave them a minute more …

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  • Stefani says:

    My daughter is Zane’s good friend! She was adopted in March 2012 and is 12 years old. She and Zane grew up from infancy in the same SWI. Two nights ago we had a long conversation. She is just now being able to do that in English. She shared with me her worries about Zane. She told me his “lips, hands blue, no good. No good heart”. She then went on to plead, “You Zane Mama. Zane come home America. He be good. He be no blue”.

    We are in no position to bring Zane home and how my own heart has hurt for him. To see that Spain has chosen to advocate for Zane has my heart singing!!!! I met this sweet boy. I know he has been given all he can get in China. PLEASE CONSIDER ZANE. He is a fine boy and will be a fine son. He needs a chance.