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LWB Sponsors CCAA Training on Cerebral Palsy

Recently the CCAA organized a training session for orphanage staff to learn techniques for working with children with cerebral palsy (CP). This training was sponsored by LWB and held at XinQiao Hospital in Chongqing from July 13th to the 26th.

Thirty orphanage staff members participated in the training from orphanages throughout China and each one brought a child with CP from their orphanage. The staff received information on child development for the first three days. After that their sessions included more on development theory and a half day of hands-on training.

The staff was very excited to learn from the best pediatricians and nurses in China in the field of CP. Everyone agreed that this type of training will be very useful in caring for their children with CP and improving the quality of their lives. This training was such a huge success that the CCAA will be offering another one at the end of August. Love Without Boundaries is honored to be able to be a part of trainings such as these as they improve the care orphaned children receive. With the support of our donors we truly are “changing the world one child at a time.”

Kate Finco
Special Projects Director

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