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LWB’s Child of the Week: Gracie

LWB’s Education Program is proud to feature Gracie from our Huainan Believe in Me School as our featured child this week. Gracie is a beautiful six year old girl who has a repaired cleft lip. Gracie entered the program in preschool in September 2007 and she has really made incredible progress. When she first started, she was only three and could do very little, unable to even express her basic needs to let her caregivers know she was hungry or if she needed to go to the bathroom. Gracie was unable to answer simple questions, participate in group activities or play well with the other children.

Well, what an amazing difference LWB’s Education Program has made in the life of this precious little girl! Gracie has TRULY blossomed in an incredible way. She loves class and she now participates in all classroom activities, actively asks questions, counts to 100, recognizes shapes and colors, writes numbers, recognizes pinyin, and plays with other children. She studies hard and always completes her homework assignments. Gracie likes writing and drawing and is good at reading. And she really enjoys playing sports, singing and dancing.

Gracie is in need of a $20 per month sponsorship to cover her school fees and help pay for her continued education at Huainan BIM. Will you be Gracie’s sponsor to help her get the education she deserves?

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