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LWB’s Unity Fund has been in place for over a decade now.  This special medical initiative was created in 2006 after rural families, distraught and hopeless over not being able to afford medical care for their often critically ill children, learned we were helping those who were orphaned. In their desperation, we had many families offer to give up their children if it meant they could finally receive the medical care they needed. Some of you might remember the photo which made us all realize just how essential family preservation efforts are in rural communities, as no mom or dad should ever have to believe that abandonment is the only choice when it comes to saving the life of their child.

Over the years, our Unity program has expanded to help impoverished children in multiple provinces, with a wide range of medical needs, even without the threat of immediate abandonment.  Just this past week we received formal approval to work in partnership with Hefei Cardiac Hospital to bring renewed hope to poverty-stricken families.  Our goal this year is to help 40 children in rural Anhui province, born with congenital heart defects, receive the surgeries their parents can’t afford.

One year old Jada, from the countryside outside of Bengbu

Over the years, we’ve received hundreds of applications to our Unity program, and the words are almost always the same.

“The family is extremely poor and has no way to pay.”

“They’ve borrowed all they can to help their child.”

“Surgery can’t take place until the funds are in place.”

3 year old Skyla, who has a large ASD heart defect

While Anhui is one of the smallest provinces in China geographically, there are still nearly 2 million people in the rural countryside living in immense poverty.  In just the first week of our new partnership with Hefei Cardiac Hospital, we have already had three families apply for help. LWB is so thankful we can play a part in getting these children the heart surgery they need.  We’d love for you to be part of our life-changing Unity program, and donations of any amount for the three little girls we’ve just accepted for surgery can be made here.  Love knows no boundaries when it comes to saving a child’s life, does it?  Thank you for standing beside these families with both love and compassion.

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