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I was blessed to be able to go on a cleft trip in 2005 with LWB. What a life changing experience. To have been able to meet a lot of people that had a hand in starting LWB was truly an honor. I remember before leaving for the trip, my husband reminded me NOT to fall in love with any of the babies (thinking I would want to add to our family:).) Okay, so I did fall in love with a lot of babies, but how could you not?

They were all so beautiful! But one thing I didn’t expect was to connect with a then 14 year old girl who came to us on our last day of surgeries. We connected right away….it’s hard to explain. Anyway, while talking with some of the LWB volunteers, they came up with a wonderful idea! I could continue to be “connected” with the girl by helping her financially and by supporting her in school by buying supplies. I would get pictures and reports on her. A few days ago I was very excited to get an email letter with pictures from her. How wonderful to be able to do this because of LWB. This is just one of the many things that they do for the children in China!

Please don’t think that just babies need help; there is a whole age range of children. Just go to LWB site and look at some pictures of children that are in need of surgery, education, foster care, nutrition, etc. I bet you will fall in love with a sweet child’s face.

You could even become their sponsor, and help to change a child’s life!

Thanks to all the people who volunteer their time to make Love Without Boundaries such a wonderful organization! Please know you are truly making a difference. 🙂

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