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Last summer three 8-year-old girls wanted to make a difference in the lives of school children in China. LWB had received a donation of plush toys, and the girls had a great idea of how to turn that donation into funds for education. With the approval of their school principal, the girls set up a booth at the school’s summer jam concert and a donation jar to collect funds to help children in China. Once a donation was made, the donor was allowed to choose a plush toy as a thank you for their donation. The school community supported their fundraiser generously, and they received donations large and small. At the end of the day the girls had collected $800 for the children in the minority schools program at LWB!

Every student in the Mama’s Wish program received a Chinese-English dictionary, and one of the girls who spearheaded the fundraiser was there to personally hand out each book to the students. With funds still remaining, a laptop computer was purchased for the college students in Chengdu to share. The computer was recently delivered to the students, who wrote this letter of appreciation:

“We are very appreciate what you have done for us. We never dare to ask for a computer for ourselves to use although we were dreaming to have one.” You know we are living in a computer society and it is so useful and convenient for us to work and to study. We are a little shy to tell you that we want to buy a computer. We know you can never satisfy everything that you want to have in this world. But you purchased a computer for us and fulfilled our dream! We are so happy and moved! We signed a contract among us: We use the computer in turns. So you not only satisfied our need for material but also satisfied our need for spirit. We are really lucky to meet you! You are blessed and we are blessed as well! We are really appreciate what you have done for us! It is hard to say thank you in one sentence to express our thanks! Thank you! Thank you again! Wish you are happy!”

Even after buying all of the dictionaries and the computer, there is still a little money left over from the fundraiser. More books will be purchased with the remaining funds, and donated to the libraries of the minority schools. This time we will be buying children’s literature, and we can’t wait for the young students to have more books to read.

A huge Thank You goes out to Darian, Jamie, and Lily for all of their hard work; to their school principal for allowing them booth space at the school’s summer jam; and to the Weaver Elementary School parents for supporting the fundraiser so generously. You are helping children to read books, learn a new language, and get through college more easily with your donations!

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