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Making a List, Checking it Twice

No, we’re not talking Santa Claus here, just our wonderful nutrition managers! Our local managers have the very important job of visiting the orphanage or foster homes where we have nutrition programs to weigh and measure each child so we can make sure they are all healthy and gaining weight.


This little fellow from our program in Gaoming, Guangdong, is obviously doing quite well. Pictured is one of the orphanage directors who weighed the babies herself while our manager, Kelly, took down the information.



This is our manager Yan, who monitors our children in Fuyang, Anhui. It is important to get each child’s height as well as their weight, in order to make sure they are healthy. We note the birth date and any special need as well, and check each child on Chinese growth charts.



A cleft-affected baby in Dingxi, Gansu, obviously thought this pose was much too undignified. A little photo editing was needed before including him in our quarterly update for that orphanage. He is a little guy, but we were able to determine that his weight is proportional to his height. With our next update we will check to make sure that he is following a consistent growth curve.



Last and definitely least, here is my new puppy, Ellie. Our local vet had some puppies of unknown lineage that he was trying to find families for. In true LWB fashion, we chose “the runt” so we could nurture and fatten her up. I’m sure you will all be thrilled to know she has gained three pounds in a week and a half and is now strong enough to vault over the baby gate I was using to keep her out of the kids’ bedrooms (she has quite an appetite for socks!). Good nutrition is a wonderful thing! Now I just have to find a five-foot-tall baby gate.


Jan Champoux 

Nutrition Director

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