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Mama’s Wish Program celebrates a new graduate

When Norzin lost both of his parents, his world was crushed. As a double orphan, Norzin has been supported by Love Without Boundaries and Mama’s Wish sponsors since 2005.

The Mama’s Wish program provides education support to impoverished rural students from the Tibetan Plateau. Norzin showed great potential and was selected for sponsorship. He put all his efforts into studying in order to forget his past, and in return what he found was a newborn sense of self.

We are happy to announce that Norzin will graduate from Qinghai Medical University in Xining this summer with a degree in Medicine and an average of 85 in all subjects. After graduation, he plans to return to his village and open a pharmacy with some of his classmates. We are very proud of Norzin and pleased that Mama’s Wish and LWB could play a part in his success. To learn more about the Mama’s Wish Program, please go to http://lovewithoutboundaries.com/education_mamas_wish.cfm.

Jody Goering is Mama’s Wish Associate Director for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Illinois, USA with husband Addison and five children. Jody and Addison have one homegrown son and three daughters and a son adopted from China.

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