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Mama’s Wish Students Heading to College


After waiting anxiously all summer, the results are finally beginning to come in and our Mama’s Wish students are learning whether or not they have been accepted to university.  In the coming days we will be introducing you to our newest college students.  We are proud beyond measure and happy to announce that TEN of our students have been accepted to medical school!  After doing the math, we realized that nearly 20% of the students who took the college entrance exams were invited to study medicine at Qinghai Medical School.  Five of our students will study Tibetan medicine and five more will study both Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

Please join us in congratulating these young women on working so hard to earn their place in college.  A huge THANK YOU goes out to each sponsor who made it possible for these students to attend high school for three years, and also to those sponsors who are making it possible for them to go to college in just two weeks.

Stay tuned for more introductions to our new college students!  Click on the photo above to see these wonderful students in a bigger picture resolution.

Mama’s Wish and Love Without Boundaries Foundation…empowering promising young students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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