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Mama’s Wish Students Help Earthquake Victims

When the earthquake struck last week our Mama’s Wish students wanted to do whatever they could to help, so they organized a donation drive at the TongRen School. While the loose change collected did not total a very high amount, the generosity and concern shown by these students, who have so little, is immeasurable. Today our China Associate Director of Education (who was born in Chengdu and whose family still lives there) received the following email from our students:
Dear Sister,

We saw the earthquake in Sichuan on TV. We feel very sad and we all know that you are from Sichuan. You must feel so sad. We hope you are feeling not too sad. Please take good care of yourself. Today our school has a donation event for this tragedy. All of Mama’s Wish teachers and

students have participated. We will gather together and pray for the dead, hope they will have peace. We will pray for the survivors and hope they will be safe.

Wish you good health.
Mama’s Wish

Over and over these students have shown what loving hearts they have – from teaching rural children in their villages during winter breaks to repairing the roof of an elderly person’s home to collecting donations from their own impoverished community to help earthquake victims – and we are all so proud of them. The students tell us that they learned to do good things for other people from their sponsors, who have shown them that an act of love and support is best when paid forward, not back. Our students have so little, and yet they give so much.

Angela Taylor
Associate Director of Education

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