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Marathon Effort by Team LWB

June 1st, in Dublin, Ireland, is the day for The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon. This is the biggest all women’s event of its kind in the world. Team LWB is getting ready to help the children affected by cleft lip/palate by seeking sponsorship for their effort of running, walking or crawling their way to the finish line!

Charities are the big winners. In 2008 it is estimated in excess of €10m was raised by the participants and LWB was amongst the winners as we have been represented for 4 years now!!!

This year the team is raising funds for the new Henan Cleft Healing Home. You can meet the team on-line at: http://www.teamlwb.com/flora-womens-mini-marathon-e4/

Arlene Howard, one of our team members, sums up her motivation to take part this way:

“It really brings it home to me when you hold a child so tiny – lighter than my children were at birth, and yet you know the child is 5 months old. The new Henan Cleft Healing Home is so important for these fragile children and if I can do anything to help with the setting up of this new home in any small way I am more than happy to do so.”

Please consider sponsoring our team — we’ll make you proud!

Julie Flynn Coleman is the Henan Cleft Healing Home Coordinator, Loudi Foster Care Co-Coordinator and Director, Ireland LWB. She is a 5 times entrant for Dublin Mini-Marathon – 4 of those times for LWB!
Julie has 3 beautiful children born in China now living in Dublin, Ireland.

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