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Marvelous Molly

Molly is an adorable four-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Last fall Molly’s orphanage agreed to place her in LWB’s Sanmenxia Foster Care Program. This sweet young girl has truly thrived with the experience of receiving one-on-one attention and being in a family setting.

Molly’s foster mother has worked with her on manners, social skills such as greetings, feeding herself, and being safe by holding hands and not walking in the street. Molly has been quick to catch on, and her gleeful personality emerges more and more each month!

Molly has been enrolled in a special education school, where her confidence level and social skills have increased by leaps and bounds. She now says goodbye to different children by name when she is leaving school. When her foster mother takes her to play in a group with other children in the afternoons, she is confident enough in her language skills to interact with the other children.

Molly’s biggest smiles come when she is in the arms of her foster mother; it is so evident that Molly just adores her. What a gift this will be to her adoptive family when they travel to complete their adoption in the next couple months! All of us at LWB think Molly is absolutely marvelous!

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