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Matched in 2011!

The end of any year and beginning of a new one always brings lists: lists of the best movies, most livable cities, and who is in and who is out. In this spirit, we thought it might be interesting for readers of LWB Community to see a list of the waiting children who were featured on our blog in 2011 and their current status. We’d like to start with the most wonderful list of all — the list of those children who were matched or adopted by their forever families in 2011.

Matched or Adopted:
Nicholas was adopted with his foster brother!

Pamela and Rochelle (these “Friends Forever” are being adopted together by the same family and will be sisters forever!)

Darling Danny from Dingxi always made us laugh with his silly facial expresions.

Suzy, who starred in one of the first videos on our blog, sang her way into a family’s heart.

Spunky little Gena also starred in a video and was adopted just before Christmas!

A family knew that Peng was meant to be their son and are working to get him the heart surgery he so desperately needs.

Lively Brandon waited for over a year but has now been adopted!

Daniel is now sharing his big, fun-loving personality with a family.

The incredible Hannah survived so much and now has a family of her own.

Irrepressible Pearl is home with her forever family and is no doubt keeping everyone in stitches!

After entering the orphanage just two years ago, Cloud has now found a permanent family to call her own.

Annabelle spoke from the heart and found her family.

Patrick will have lots of chances to strike a pose for his new parents.

We know Ryan‘s family can’t wait to snuggle up to him soon!

Timothy’s family is ready and waiting for him!

Brianna was just recently matched and we couldn’t be happier for this lovely girl.

Five boys and eight girls — thirteen matches in all.  We are celebrating for all of these children and their families!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hello Severine! When do you expect to travel to get your son?

  • Very happy for them !
    i hope they will have some LWB children adopted in 2012 with our Agence Française pour l’Adoption.

    Severine pre-referral of a little boy born 16 april 2010 with a cleft palate from Huainan.

  • Stefani says:

    We are the dizzingly delighted family that is adopting Pamela and Rochelle. We anticipate travel in March 2012 as we are just about waiting for travel approval. It was a LWB advocate the first introduced us to Pamela and it was this VERY picture posted above that confirmed to my husband that Rochelle needed to come home too. We are profoundly grateful to LWB in our own little family life as well as part of the world family in which they advocate. WE LOVE LWB!!!

  • chinalwb says:

    Congratulations, Vicky! We are always excited to hear news about children who have been matched. Did we do a blog piece on your waiting daughter?

  • My daughter was matched in 2011! She’s an older child and I hope to have her home by late spring, early summer! Her picture isn’t featured here.