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Matched (or Home!) in 2014

One of our favorite blogs to write each year is the one in which we feature all of the children for whom we advocated last year who have been matched with families!


While we are of course overjoyed that so many kids in our programs are chosen quickly by adoptive parents, sometimes there are kids who need extra advocacy to get their awesomeness known. Some of these children are now with their forever families, and others are waiting in China while their families work to bring them home. Although it’s never easy to think about all of the children who still wait to be chosen for adoption, today we choose to Carpe Diem, or seize the day, and celebrate the ones you helped us advocate for in 2014!


Tommy outsideTommy

happy EmilyEmily

Betsy cropBetsy


Isabella bunnyIsabella



Fynn Grant PhotoFynn

Victor smilingVictor



It almost boggles the mind to think that last year at this time, these children did not have families. Maybe their families were considering adoption, or maybe it wasn’t even on their radar.¬†Now just one short year later, they belong to a family’s heart¬†— thanks to supporters like you who shared their stories and photos, sponsored their medical care, foster families, or education, donated towards their Adoption Assistance grants, thought about and prayed for them.

It just goes to show how much difference a person — and a year — can make in the life of a child!

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