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Matilda: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Meet Matilda — a girl who really knows how to wear a hat!


Just nine months old, sweet Matilda is living in Tongren, Guizhou province. Her foster family makes sure that she is snug and cozy whether she is inside or outside. and it would appear that she has a number of stylish beanies to keep her head warm.


In contrast to her namesake in the Roald Dahl classic book, Matilda has just been placed with a loving foster family who will nurture, guide and provide her with the sense of belonging that every child deserves. This will resonate with her throughout her life.

Matilda in basket

Matilda has a foster family, but what she needs now is a “family” of sponsors who will make sure that as she grows up she will be able to climb trees, answer questions, be strong and brave.


We believe that with this love and support, she will be able to write her own story…just like the fictional Matilda!

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