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Matthew: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Matthew is brand new to Heartbridge, having arrived on November 9th. He has the special need of cleft lip and palate, and is in need of some extra calories to help him grow strong enough to have surgery to repair his lip. Normally we would send a child like Matthew to one of our cleft healing homes, however there is something very special about this little boy: He is the twin brother of Heartbridge resident Max, who has been in the home since September 22nd. Max is healing from surgery that he had as a newborn, and we had no idea that he had a twin brother (see photo below)!

Sometimes Fate just has to step in to get things done: Several of our foster care volunteers saw Matthew on a recent visit to his orphanage. He was in an incubator due to his small size, and he looked so tiny and frail. When they asked if there was anything LWB could do to help this child, they were told that his twin brother was already living at Heartbridge. We felt that these two brothers definitely needed to be together and were able to have Matthew moved the following week. We are so grateful to everyone who helped to get Matthew sent to Heartbridge so quickly! Hopefully Matthew can quickly catch up to Big Brother Max in size, both boys can be restored to good health, and eventually they can be adopted as brothers. This is truly a first for our Heartbridge program!

To donate to Matthew’s needs and help him remain with his twin brother Max, please visit Matthew’s sponsor page. Thank you!

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