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Measuring Nutrition Success

Just how do we measure success for our Nutrition projects? Usually success can be measured by the number of pounds that a baby has packed on or by the strength she has gained. Good nutrition also translates into a baby who is healthy enough to undergo life-changing surgery.


For Yi Xuan, all three of these measures have been met. When we first became aware of Yi Xuan, she had just undergone the initial surgery to repair her anal atresia. She was unable to digest regular formula and, as a result, was not gaining weight and was very weak.

Yi Xuan-2

Yi Xuan’s doctor suggested Neocate, a specialty formula designed for babies with “short gut” syndrome. This expensive formula has done the trick!


Yi Xuan is steadily gaining weight, growing, and, best of all, she remains with her family and is a part of her village community. LWB’s Nutrition Program will continue to provide nutritional support for Yi Xuan until she can safely have her second stage surgery.


We greatly appreciate our generous sponsors who make it possible for us to help Yi Xuan and other children receive the nutritional support they need.

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