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Meet Cameron and Catelyn from Huainan Foster Care!

For the month of May, we are featuring some of the children in our foster care programs who are in need of sponsors. Today, we’d like to introduce Cameron and Catelyn from our Huainan foster care program!


Twenty-month old Cameron has an abundance of energy. He loves to run around, kick soccer balls, and play in the sand.


Cameron likes to mimic those around him. As his foster parents do house work Cameron will follow behind doing the same. Cameron’s foster mother will point at an object, name it and then Cameron will repeat what she said. He loves to learn from his foster parents!


Twenty-six-month old Catelyn is described as sweet, playful and curious. New to our foster care program after having recently had her club feet casted, Catelyn has much to catch up on.


Because of the success of her casting and the fact that she is in foster care, Catelyn can now enjoy her favorite activities which include exploring outside, spending time with friends and riding a favorite toy car. She is even able to walk independently up and down stairs, alternating feet at times.


She has already developed a strong bond with her foster grandmother and they are fond of reading books together, practicing turning the pages gently. Catelyn and her grandmother enjoy each other’s company and like taking walks together.


Both Catelyn and Cameron are in need of sponsors. As we celebrate families and mothers this May, please consider supporting their foster care placements and ensuring that they have the priceless gift of a foster family. Monthly updates and photos will allow you to watch them blossom.

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