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Meet Diana McCown – Team LWB

15 runners have signed up to run for Team LWB in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. on October 26th. Each runner has an heartwarming story on why they are running to raise funds for our foster care programs. We would like to introduce you to Diana McCown in her own words.

I am not what you would consider to be an athlete. In fact, I only started running eight years ago after my husband brought home a half marathon registration form and said, “I think you could do this.” It is amazing what you can do with a little help from someone who sees your strengths when you are blind to them yourself. For the better part of nine years, we were a family of two until that wonderful, magical red thread began tugging. With remarkable speed, especially given the lengthening timelines in China adoption, we were blessed with the most amazing son. Now the McCown crew consists me and my boys–an incredible husband, an amazing son, and of course Monty the wonder dog!

The Marine Corps Marathon was my first marathon and charity race. I have run other marathons, but Marine Corps I remember most. I know the fundraising that coupled my training went to help others. So here I am, registered for Marine Corps again, and in need of motivation greater than a personal accomplishment. I was excited to see LWB create a marathon team and honored to be welcomed to it. More than running for LWB, my motivation is in Scott’s precious face, an LWB foster care child in Xinxiang.

For this marathon, as I hit the pavement with my beautiful white-haired, blue-eyed son in tow, I will also be thinking about another beautiful white-haired, blue-eyed child a world away waiting, in foster care thanks to LWB, to be united with his Forever Family.

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