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Meet Dwaine Gullion

Fifteen runners have signed up to run for Team LWB in the Washington D.C. Marine Corps Marathon on October 26th. Each runner has a heartwarming story on why they are running to raise funds for our foster care programs. We would like to introduce you to Dwain Gullion, in his own words.


“We have two daughters from China and have a heart for special needs orphans. I’m very excited to be able to raise funds for Love Without Boundaries! I’m the COO for The ABBA Fund (helping families overcome the financial barrier of adoption by providing interest free adoption loans to maximize the $11,650 adoption tax credit) in Charlotte, NC and work with several other orphan care and adoption organizations. Adoption and orphan care is a huge part of my life! I’m married to Heidi and we have three children.

I’ve been talking about running a marathon for years but was never motivated enough to train. Now I have a great reason! Love Without Boundaries is doing a wonderful job! I’ve visited several LWB projects in China, and they bring hope to children. Many times this leads to adoption and a forever family. Please consider sponsoring me as I run–maybe walk a step or two :)–and thanks for your support!” Dwain Gullion

 Dwain is running for Mia, a little girl in foster care in Dingyuan, Anhui. Her photo is at the top of this blog.   This cute little girl was born in January 2007. She is missing a foot, but she is not letting this keep her from being able to stand up and move about in a baby walker! She is such a determined little girl. We are planning on getting her a prosthetic foot when she is a little bit older. We will be cheering for Mia and Dwain on October 26th.

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