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Meet Emperor Nick


If you remember, Nick has been a fussy little guy since the day he arrived. According to his nannies, he really enjoys crying and “exercising his facial muscles.” As he grows, he is apparently turning into a little emperor–probably because they have to spoil him to get him to stop crying! I thought you would enjoy an excerpt from his weekly report:


“Nick is a child with unique personality. The first thing he does when he wakes up is crying, or to be exact, shouting, with eye closed and mouth open very wide. This is a STRONG signal to announce his waking up.


He has an air of a king. He sometimes lies there with a solemn look as if summoning you, his subjects for a meeting. He sometimes also shows his good will to you diplomatically. He enjoys being rocked in a bouncer chair. If he feels the rocking is too gentle, he would remind you by making two or three coughs. At this, the nannies know he wants more intensive rocking.


Of course, with hair like that, how could he not be king?



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