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Meet Landon

Today we would like to introduce you to a little boy named Landon who lives in an orphanage in Anhui province. Isn’t he a handsome guy?

Landon is ten years old and was born with microtia, a congenital issue where the external ear is underdeveloped. Microtia affects about 1 in every 8,000-10,000 babies worldwide. Microtia is also associated with an absent or narrowed ear canal, which can result in significantly decreased hearing. This is the case for Landon, who has moderate hearing loss.

Landon has been attending a local public school which he loves, but it has been a struggle for him as he can’t hear the teacher like he wishes he could. We have decided that Landon needs a full evaluation to see if anything could be done to improve his hearing, so we’ve arranged an appointment for him at an ENT hospital in Shanghai, which is just a short train ride away. We need to raise $400 to make this evaluation possible.

Landon’s adoption file has actually been available for quite some time, but sadly he has not yet been chosen by a family. We are hopeful that by accepting him into our medical program, we can not only discover whether anything can be done to help his hearing loss but also let more people know he is waiting and available for adoption.

If you would like to be a part of Landon’s story, you can donate towards his medical expenses here. Thank you so much!

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