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Meet Our Cleft Team

It’s almost time!  On September 27th – Oct 3rd  LWB will be sending it’s 5th cleft team to China.  Eight doctors, nurses, and volunteers will travel to Hefei for a Cleft medical exchange.   Over the past few years LWB has built a unique and trusting partnership with Anhui Children’s Hospital, and we are excited to have the opportunity to serve along side their medical staff in this endeavor. 


Our team will be lead by Minnesota surgeon, Dr. John Ness.  Dr. Ness has served the children of China on several other occasions and we have had the privilege of working with him before.  He has a tremendous love for children and constantly looks for ways to use his skills to help others.  We are also very blessed to be having Dr. Creston Martin joining our team.  Dr. Martin is an anesthesiologist in Minnesota and has served on a LWB mission trip in the past.  Nurses; Yvonne Leedahl (MN), Terri McCaffrey (MN), Shane Thompson (IN), and myself (KS) will round out the Medical Team.  In addition to the medical staff we are also fortunate to be joined by volunteers Linda Phillips (CA), and Paige Martin (MN).   Several of our directors and managers in China will join us in Hefei as well, to help us with translation and hundreds of  “other” things that go into making a trip like this work.  We are fortunate to have assembled such a wonderful team.  


While there, we will partner with Anhui Children’s Hospital to bring new smiles to approximately 25 children.  Our children will be coming from Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Beijing, Henan, Sichuan and Anhui.  Two boys, Danny age 10 and Pan age 3 will have palate repairs done.  The rest of the children will be having repairs to their lips.  We also look forward to visiting the Love Without Boundaries Anhui Cleft Healing Home.   


Watch our blog daily for more news on this special trip.   You can visit our website to learn more or to help sponsor a child for surgery by clicking here.


Wendy Petersen RN

Medical Trips Coordinator


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