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Meet the First Residents of our Henan Healing Home!

Do you remember the butterflies in your tummy before a major life changing moment … be that marriage, parenthood or some other “ginormus” event?

Well, the June 1st opening of our Henan Cleft Healing Home was one of those days ..or actually weeks. I had watched and guided as best I could from afar whilst a dream — a nurturing home for children born with cleft lip/palate — was being orchestrated by our wonderful manager Stephanie Wang. Now the time was here. All we needed was our first baby.

The nannies were trained, the cribs ready … baby Stephanie was on route. Finally on June 5th, she arrived. Do you think there was ever a baby so spoiled by hugs and loving?

In her first week, whilst having a little tummy time, she was encouraged to roll over — and yes! our baby Stephanie did it — her first roll over on June 12th!

She resides in the “Green Room” and now has a foster brother to join her in the “Pink Room”.

Baby Stephen has a shock of beautiful hair. He certainly needs lots of gentle handling and calorie rich formula to gain those extra pounds in order to qualify for surgery. Please keep Stephen in your thoughts and prayers so that his wee sore mouth can heal quickly to allow him ease when feeding.

Next we were pleased to welcome David Michael who arrived to HCHH just a few days ago! Doesn’t he look so peaceful after his bath?

He was born in May and is a tiny little boy but so GORGEOUS!!!

So now my butterflies have soared high, and the sun shines brightly over our second Cleft Healing Home. All three babies are available for monthly sponsorship if you want to join us in our journey of joy and hope. To learn more about sponsoring these darling children, please go to http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/healing_home_SponsorCleftHomeChild.cfm

Julie Flynn Coleman is the Henan Cleft Healing Home Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. Julie is mom to 3 amazing girls born in China, now home in Ireland.

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