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Meet the Kids from Changzhi Foster Care

LWB has been providing foster care to orphaned children in Changzhi, Shanxi since 2011.

Over the years we have celebrated the developmental progress the children have made when placed into home care, and we’d love to introduce you to some of the children currently being served in this program, thanks to your support.

Ella was just a tiny baby when she came into our healing home program.  After her cleft surgery and recovery, she was moved into foster care in Changzhi where she has absolutely bloomed.  When our manager visited this month, Ella was busy looking at the photo album her forever family sent to her, and yes we are thrilled to report she has now been chosen for adoption!  She studied the photos carefully, saying “papa”, “mama”, and “jie jie”.   We are so happy for this beautiful little girl and her family-to-be.

Serena also came into our care as a small baby, and after her surgery for cleft lip she graduated from healing home care to her own foster family as well.  She is such a kind and conscientious girl.  This month she worked very hard at writing Chinese characters to show our manager.  We are thrilled that Serena has also been chosen for adoption, and we know she will bring her new family so much joy.

Four-year old Peter was busy playing outside when our manager visited this month.  He has been in our foster care program for the last three years, and he is still on an agency list waiting to be matched with a family. Please keep Peter in your thoughts and prayers that his forever family finds him soon.

Cindy, born with cleft lip and palate, has been with LWB since she was just a few months old.  She is such an outgoing and funny girl, and we love her little ponytails.  Her foster brother is Bennett, and she is happy to share her snack with him when he gets home from school.

Bennett 6.16

Bennett and Cindy’s foster family celebrated Duan Wu Festival (The Dragon Boat Festival) recently and made colorful braided strings to tie around their ankles and wrists to keep away evil spirits and encourage luck and longevity. Bennett proudly showed them off to our manager.  Just this week, we’ve heard the fantastic news that Bennett has been chosen for international adoption and has a family working to bring him home!

Speaking of being chosen, we are thrilled to say that is just what happened to little Dominic!  You might remember this beautiful boy as he was part of our medical program when he was just a tiny baby, being born with a complex TOF heart defect.  He stayed at the Anhui Healing Home while he recovered from his operation, and then moved back to his hometown of Changzhi to enter foster care.

Dominic loves watermelon, cucumber, and taking apart his toys, but his family-to-be will probably learn quickly that apples are NOT on his list of favorite treats!

We were all really proud of Janie this month, as she is now standing very well.  She is getting some extra vitamins for her bowed legs and we are sure she will be walking all over very soon.

This handsome little boy is Gabriel, and while he doesn’t say a lot of words yet, he sure does a good job of making his needs known by pointing to what he wants. Isn’t his smile amazing?

Ander has been getting lots of practice standing and taking steps on his own, even if he looks petrified at times. Don’t worry, Ander– it will get easier!

Carlos was also born with cleft lip and stayed with us for his surgeries in healing home care.  Now that he has graduated to family care, he is one happy camper as he loves his foster mom deeply.

Anna Eleanor is one of the newest members of our Changzhi foster care program.  This gorgeous little girl was born with cleft lip, and she has thrived with her own foster family.  Doesn’t she look cute patiently waiting to get a biscuit from her foster granny?

We all believe strongly that every child deserves to be raised in family care, and so we send our deepest thanks to everyone who supports this life-changing program.  We hope we can share the good news that Peter has been chosen for adoption soon, but until that time, he will continue to be a treasured member of their local community, thanks to foster care.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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    Love to know more information to have them us my baby boy/girl like health and etc’ more pictures and etc’ and how we can we come and adopt them love to have at least 2 girls babys and 2 boys they can be a twins as well or 4 girls be fine as well or a boy and girl if you guys said good words for us to be eligible for adoption.and if we can see some of them in our or your site “We’re Waiting for Families” photo album here on our Facebook page. If you have adoption related questions, please email our Adoption Advocacy team at adoption@lwbmail.com. thank you for your time and effort malkah and James rowland Mullahor2@yahoo.com