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Meet The Kids! The 2015 Cleft Medical Exchange

It’s finally April, and we are bursting with anticipation to meet the children who will be having surgery during our upcoming Cleft Medical Exchange in Kaifeng, China!

CME Collage 3-25-15 with logo

Some of these children will be traveling from their orphanages with a caregiver who will stay with them throughout the trip. Baby Josiah has already traveled from his orphanage and is growing stronger at a healing home in Beijing before traveling to Kaifeng.


Others like Madison Claire and Dean have families who will be by their sides throughout their preparation and recovery from surgery.

Madison Claire familyMadison Claire and her parents

Here in the United States, visas are approved, passports checked, and bags are being packed (and probably repacked), stuffed to the breaking point with supplies and donations loving provided by supporters.  Our cleft team has been spending months organizing the medical records and background on each child coming for surgery, delegating responsibilities to the volunteers coming on the exchange, and preparing a surgery schedule.

Harley post surgery 1

Now, we just have to get there and begin the fun part — getting to know them all!


We hope you’ll follow along with us here on LWB Community as we blog daily about the children having surgery each day. Their transformations will certainly warm your heart!

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