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Meet Vera

Baby Vera spent the first months of her life living with her elderly great-grandmother. Kinship ties in Uganda are quite strong, and this caring woman tried her best to care for her little great-granddaughter after her parents disappeared and left her in their care. When baby Vera was nine months old, her great-grandmother was no longer physically able to care for her, and she was taken into care at the Tender Hearts Baby Home.

Sweet Vera was understandably shy and clingy upon her arrival to the home. However, she quickly bonded with Nanny Joelia, who was also new to the home. She quickly revealed herself to be an active and strong little girl, attempting to walk while holding onto her nanny’s dress and loving to play with dolls.

The staff tells us that her feeding was “impressive”. While to some this might look messy, in Ugandan culture the children are encouraged to feed themselves at a leisurely pace and explore their food. Mealtimes are a relaxed time for children to be together and enjoy their food — family style. We love how Vera dives right in!

Mealtime seems to be a hit with Vera, and she has gained an impressive 4 lbs since arriving.

Nannies describe Vera as a lovely, adaptable and content little girl. She plays well with others and shows care and concern for other children in the home, even becoming upset when others cry.

Vera needs a sponsor to help support her stay in the Mukono Baby Room. Sponsorship is $50 per month, or $25 for a shared sponsorship. All sponsors will receive regular photos and updates and will know that they are making a huge difference in helping Vera to get off to the best start possible in life!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Cindy. You are welcome to contact our Adoption Advocacy Team at [email protected] with any adoption-related questions. Thank you so much!

  • c275mta says:

    Hi, is there any way to get information about this sweet little girl Vera? I was wondering if she had a file to be adopted and if so, with what agency?