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Since 2005 when she was just a baby, Megan has been a resident of our foster care program. Like any child in our programs, we had dreams for Megan that included seeing her in the arms of her forever family. However, we did not know that her adoption file was available until this past week. We’re so excited that Megan too will have her chance to have a family of her own!


When she was still an infant, Megan was matched with a family.  However, that potential placement was disrupted prior to finalization when clear signs of cerebral palsy were discovered. Now nine years old, we have watched her grow up from her baby days to the beautiful girl that she is now.

XiChenMin_Megan_IMG_8700 (1)

Megan is all girl!  She loves dressing up and “girly” things, and getting her hair done is a joy for her.  She loves getting ready to go out!


Megan has been attending an English-speaking school; prior to this, she had received no formal education.  Since she’s never been to school before, the teacher immediately needed to work with Megan on improving her behavior and her global learning delays. From school, Megan has learned to count and sing, and her verbal ability has improved greatly this past year although some words are still difficult for others to understand.  She typically speaks in 2-3 word sentences.

Megan’s teacher writes:

With the consistency that she has received in daily care at her new home combined with the opportunity of education appropriate to her stage she has made good progress. Although she still has learning delays, the progress she has made in a relatively short time suggests that she will continue to make good progress. She has even started to learn to recognise Chinese characters with a view towards literacy. She is an affectionate little girl who responds well to firm boundaries, loving discipline and plenty of fun.

Megan is a very social girl.  The foster care reports we receive each month say how kind and helpful she is, often offering seats to guests and sharing and handing out treats.

Megan, May '11

Megan has a foster brother named Walter, and she enjoys fetching things for him.  In general, she is said to want to chat and make contact with any visitors to her foster home, and she loves to please the adults around her.

Megan, 12

Megan loves stuffed animals and enjoys cuddling with them.


Very motivated by positive and encouraging words, Megan loves to be helpful to her foster mom and aunties.  She can often be found bringing clothes and diapers to help out with the younger children.

Megan, 27 March 2014

Throughout her young life, Megan has lived in several completely different environments.  After about a month of living with her current foster family, they feel she has bonded with them very well, is quite affectionate, and gets attached to the people in her life!


Megan has known several friends who left due to adoption, and she knows that they now have mothers and fathers.  She craves love and attention, and we feel she would continue to bloom in ways we can’t even imagine with the love of a family.

It would be a dream for us to know that Megan was being part of a family who adores her social and girly ways, her kind and generous heart, and understands her need to be loved forever.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com  with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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